ITIL: Service Lifecycle

A summary of the Service Lifecycle. ITIL Framework is based on the five stages of the Service Life.
Service Strategy (SS), Service Design (SD), Service Transition (ST), Service Operation (SO), and Continual Service Improvement (CSI).

ITIL offers best-practice guidance to all types of Organizations and is used to provide value for Service Providers and Their Customers.

Why is ITIL Successful?

Vendor Neutral
ITIL service management practices are applicable in any IT organization because they are not based on any particular technology platform or industry type

ITIL offers robust, mature, and time-tested practices that have applicability to all types of services organization

Best Practice
ITIL represents the learning experiences and thought leadership of the world’s best-in-class service providers

What is Best Practice Sources?

Industry Practices
Academic Research
Training and Education
Internal Experience


A means of delivering value to customers by facilitating the outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks.

Service Management

A set of Specialized Organization Capabilities for providing Value to customers in the form of services


  • Internal
    • Delivered between department or business units in the same organisation
    • Linked to business outcomes in order to understand the value of the service
  • External
    • Delivered to External customer and are External Cutomer-Facing Services

  • Core
    • Deliver Basic Outcomes desired by customers
    • Represent the Value Proposition
  • Enabling
    • Needed in order to deliver core services
    • May or may not be visible to the customer
  • Enhancing
    • Added to the Core Service to make is more Exciting or Enticing
    • Not essential ot the delivery of a core service and offer the “Excitement” Factor
    • Enhancing becomes core

IT Service

Service is provided by an IT Service Provider, and IT service is made up of a combination of Information technology, people, and processes.

  • Supporting Services
  • Customer-Facing Services


People or Departments who work in the same organization as the service Provider
Consume internal Services

People who are not employed by the organization
Purchase services from the service provider defined in the terms of a legally binding contract or agreement

Both are provided agreed levels of services


Structure set of Activities Designed to accomplish a Specific Objective. A process takes one or more defined inputs and turns them into defined outputs.

Characteristics of a Process:

  • Measurable
  • Spesific Results
  • Customers
  • Triggers

Processes, once defined, should be documented and controlled and repeated and managed.


A function is a team or group of people and the tools or other resources they use to carry out one or more processes or activities


A set of responsibilities, activities, and authorities is granted to a person or a team.

Responsible – The person or people responsible for correct execution
Accountable – The person who has ownership of quality and the end result
Consulted – The people who are consulted and whose opinions are sought
Informed – The People who are kept up to date on the progress

Generic roles

Service Owner
Accountable for the delivery of a specific IT Service

Process owner
Accountable for ensuring the process is fit for purpose

Process Manager
Accountable for the Operational Management of a purpose

Process Practitioner
Responsible for carrying out one or more process activities

Service Providers

Type 1 – Internal
A Service provider that is embedded within the business unit that they serve

Type 2 – Shared
An internal service provider that provides shared IT services to more than one Business unit

Type 3 – External
A Service Provider that provides IT service to External Customers


Stake Holders have an interest in an Organisations’ Project or Service.

  • Internal
  • External
    • Customers – Buys the Goods
    • Users – Uses the Goods
    • Suppliers – Supplies the Goodes


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