Turn Off Assistive Technology In Adobe Acrobat

Every time you open an Adobe Reader Document you get greeted with a popup dialog for assistive reading. No matter what you click this dialog keeps popping up. Even after clicking: “Do not show this Dialog Again.”

Adobe Assistive Technology

The problem is if you work through the Assistive setup it is not simply something you can enable without knowing, and when it comes to turning it off, Well good luck with that.

The only effective way that worked for us was to delete or rename three files within the specific Adobe Plugin folder. To find the Plugin Folder browse to the installation location for Adobe. If you are working on Windows 10 \ 11, This can be done by Right-clinking on the Adobe Icon and choosing “Open file location.” You might have to do this twice to go to the install location.

Once you browse to the install location go browse to the Plugin folder. You can Delete or Rename the following Three files:

Open Adobe and the popup Dialog issue will be gone.


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