When Shortcuts should be used…

Unlike life and all the quotes about why shortcuts should not be used. Software like Excel actually encourages the use of Shortcuts which makes work go faster. It reduces the time spent going from keyboard to mouse and allows you to seamlessly do the necessary change while working.

People don’t know their keyboard shortcuts and tend to go and search for it on the menu bar. You are probably thinking but it is a lot of effort to go and memorize all the keyboard shortcuts to everything.

Well, No. A lot of Shortcuts is universal in Windows and will work through the different application the same way. Learning them will get you fast on the track to see the benefits of using these shortcuts.

Then as you use the mouse hover your mouse above the option you use regularly and just look at the Shortcuts you will start to remember it and learn to use it rather than banking sideways to your mouse.

The List

Below is some of the Shortcuts key’s I use Regularly or am making an effort to use in Excel specifically that is working for me. This is excluding Navigation keys like a Ctrl+Right arrow which hopefully is known by everyone. These Shortcuts editing short cuts to start off.

Universal VS ExcelShortcut keyAction
UniversalCtrl+ASelect All
UniversalF7Spell check
UniversalCtrl+Alt+VDisplays the Paste Special dialog box
UniversalCtrl+NNew Workbook
UniversalCtrl+W or Ctrl+F4Close
UniversalF12 or Alt+F2Save As
ExcelAlt+EnterStart a new line in the same cell
ExcelCtrl+;Insert Current Date
ExcelCtrl+:Insert Current Time
ExcelCtrl+’Copy Formula from Cell Above
ExcelCtrl+”Copy Value from Cell Above
ExcelCtrl+`Toggle Value/Formula display
ExcelCtrl+0Hide columns
ExcelCtrl+1Format cells dialog box
ExcelCtrl+9Hide rows
ExcelCtrl+DFill Down
ExcelCtrl+RFill Right
ExcelCtrl+Shift+(Unhide rows
ExcelCtrl+Shift+)Unhide columns
ExcelCtrl+SpacebarSelect the entire column
ExcelShift+F2Edit cell comment
ExcelShift+F4Find Next
ExcelShift+SpacebarSelect the entire row

For a Very Extensive list of shortcuts, I would recommend going the Microsoft site directly and reading up on what you use regularly to make your work easier.


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