Excel Negative Number to Zero Using MAX

When using Excel you are not always using it for Financial reports only.
As an example, I was doing a cost comparison on Printers that involved me knowing when we used Excess prints. Thus I am only interested in the prints per month over the Minimum pages per month. Anything Less should show as a Zero amount. This is where the MAX function came in very handy.

MAX Function

The MAX Function as per Office.com describes the Function as:
Returns the largest value in a set of values.

There are three ways of specifying the data you want to see.
For this Example, I used the Function RANDBETWEEN.
I then generated Cell A1 – Cell C15 with Random Numbers between one and one Thousand.

You can first choose a range of number =MAX(A1:A33)
Secondly use Comma Separated Values =MAX(A1,B2,C3)
The third is a combination of the two =MAX(A1,B1:B15,C1)

MAX Formulas
MAX Formulas

Display Zero instead of Negative

When it comes to Display Zero instead of Negative numbers it becomes as simple as making sure you put your first number in the equation as the number Zero and then comma separating with the values you want to check =MAX(0,A1)

Using my Printer Example where we only want the Excess prints to display.

As Zero is always the largest of any Negative number anything below zero will result in a zero value.


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