Power Shell Replacement String Variables

In a previous Post I mentioned that certain data from the event log can be found Replacement String.
See the Article : Track User Logon Events with Power Shell
But for every event there must surely be different replacement strings for different events.

So Below is the code I wrote to get any events Replacement String with as much explanation as I can give.

The Code Explanation

#Get-Security Events
#Here you can Modify the code for a specific instance ID

$Event = Get-EventLog Security -Newest 1
#We need to loop through the events to get every event selected Replacement String Values

forEach($EV in $Event)
#An array always starts with 0 so we need to start at -1 to that we can add 1 and start with 0
$C = -1
#Count how many Members the Current Event has
#This actually only gets the number of string available

$Count = $EV | Get-Member | Measure-Object –Line
$Count = $Count.Lines
#Output each Replacement String with the Detail

#Increment the Count Variable
$C ++
#Get the Members Name
$EVMemberName = $EV | Get-Member | Select -Index ($C) | select name
$EVMemberName = $EVMemberName.Name
#Get the Members Data
$EVO = $EV | Select @{Name=”Data”;Expression={ $_.ReplacementStrings[$C] }}
$Evo = $EVO.Data
#Create a Variable to output the data
$Outfile = New-Object PSObject
#Add each member into the out put file
$Outfile | Add-Member Name $EVMemberName
$Outfile | Add-Member Data $Evo
#Write to desired Location
Write-Output $Outfile
}Until ($C -eq $Count)

This code can be copied and Paste into PowerShell to work immediately.

Hope this is helpful.

Fluk3 Out


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