How I got My FREE Games

(Last Updated On: 2019-02-28)

Playing games is one of my favorite past times, but one of the things that get more and more problematic is keeping disc with games on. This is where online platform comes in very handy you don’t have to keep physical disk a simple download and you have the game again on any PC.

Which is even better is subscribing to these platforms they give away random free games. Now I know some of them is not the best games but you get your GEM every now and then.

So where do you get these platforms, well below is some of the platforms I use regularly depending on the games I want to play.


Firstly, Steam this is probably the place where you will find the game that fits your liking. From Casual to Massive multiplayer and for the people on a budget the free-to-play section. Hosting servers for the big games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and PlayerUnkonws BattleGround.

Epic Games

Moving onto EPIC where you can try your hand at Unreal Tournament and if you haven’t guest it yet Fortnite. There are quite a few different titles here but what makes this good for 2019 is the free games every two weeks. So if you’re a hoarder like me, Register Now.


For the Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed fans Ubisoft is the way to go all games in a similar fashion can be found here including some of my favorites like Watch Dogs.


When talking about classics you have to get Diablo and StarCraft with Blizzard brings new challenges to the games every few months and stuff like seasonal heroes you can easily join a community to rejoin the battles.

Lastly made to get games on any platform at the best price. From Carmageddon TDR 2000 to Darksiders III.

The above-mentioned platform is only a start there is many more out there and I am sure depending on your preference you will find one or two you like.

Humble Bundle

As a Final point the website Humble Bundle is a great place to get some cheap bundles but as well every now and then they give free games redeemable on Steam.  


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