Instagram: Enable Two-Factor Authentication

(Last Updated On: 2020-04-18)

Instagram is an photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, and like all Social Media accounts this needs to be secured.

Passwords is not good enough anymore. For this reason enabling Two-Factor Authentication on all your Could Accounts should be second Nature.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

To Enable Two-Factor Authentication Log into Instagram and go to your Personal Profile. Next to Edit Profile click the Circle Icon (Settings).

InstagramEdit Profile

On the new screen choose, Privacy and Security.

InstagramPrivacy and Security

Browse a bit down to until you get to the option to Edit Two-Factor Authentication Settings

InstagramTwo-Factor Authentication

Once you Clicked on it you will have two options to Enable Two-Factor Authentication. The first is to Use Text Message for most people this would the option to choose. It sends a Verification code to your Phone number you supplied every time you log in to you account from a new Device or Location.

Once you have authenticated on the device you don’t need to do it again until you sign out of the device and try to sign in again.

The second one is a less used one but in my opinion more secure. Due to the fact, to get past a Text Message Verification a Sim swop can be done from any location.

Option two is the Authentication App. This is an app loaded on a physical device normally a phone. This will generate a new Verification code every 30 Seconds. To bypass this your physical device has to be stolen as well as bypass your phone Security Settings (Hopefully this has been Setup).

Text Message

Select the Tick Box Use Text Message

InstagramText MessageAuthentication App

An option will pop up asking to Turn This On? Select Turn On

InstagramTurn this on

Enter the phone number where you want to receive the Text Messages on. then click Next.

InstagramPhone Number

It will Request a Confirmation on the number you just entered. Enter the number then Click Done.

InstagramConfirm Phone

Once Done the Authentication is setup to go to your number. You will receive a set of Backup Codes that can be used to get into your account if you should not receive a Text Message.

InstagramBackup Codes

Theses Backup Codes should be saved in a secure location, not on your Documents or Desktop. Preferably a password manager like LastPass

Authentication App

At the Time of Writing this turning on Authentication Apps are not supported by the Web App and has to happen from the App on the Phone.

On you phone go to Setting and then Security:


In the Security choose Two-Factor Authentication

InstagramTwo-Factor Authentication

On the new screen, it will tell you, your about to add Extra Security Select Get Started. Then Enable the Slide for Authentication App.

InstagramChoose your Security Method

If you don’t have an Authentication App installed you can select Install App and go through the setup process. When done Select Set up Manually

A list of Keys will be displayed in which you can click on Copy Key. This Key can be added to the Authentication App of your choice. Once you entered it onto the app, the application will show Secrete Saved and start generating keys. Select Next.


Enter the current code in the Confirmation Code. Once done all future Signings will request the code.

InstagramVerification Code

With the additional Security settings setup this does not mean you are secure. You still need to make sure your Privacy is secure and it is highly suggested to go through your settings to make sure who can view or comment on any of your posts.


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