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(Last Updated On: 2020-08-11)

Managing email can be very exhausting when you are part of an organization that copy’s in every group on every email being sent.

There are a few ways to manage emails effectively. Ranging from educating users on when to copy groups to using Rules to sort the mail already in your mailbox.

But none of this brings your attention to emails directed directly to you. To do this we can use Conditional Formatting… to change Message Colors.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is a way to make Emails that meet defined conditions stand out in the list.

Start by going to the Outlook Menu Bar, find the View TAB and in the Sub-Menu click on Current View and View Settings….

OutlookConditional formatchange Message Colors

A new Window will open where you will search for Conditional Formatting…

OutlookConditional formatchange Message Colors

Once clicked you will get the Conditional Formatting Window. There will already be a list of Conditional Formatting that is implemented by default. These can not be changed but only turned off and on as required.

Once you click add you will have three options that need to be filled in.
The Name of the Formatting Rule, the Font… (Or view) you want to display and lasting the condition the mail should be defined on.

Choose a descriptive name for the rule, in the below example the will be for all mail received from a specific account. Click on Font…

OutlookConditional formatchange Message Colors

The Font dialog has options from the Font, Style, Size, Effects and color. Depending on what will stand out for you, you can customize this according to your needs. Once done click on OK and choose condition.

OutlookConditional FormatFont

Here you define the conditions that the mail needs to meet to apply the fonts specified. Below example is all mails that come from a specific mail address. There is a lot of option to choose from and it would be best if you read through all the options to make sure you know what you require.

OutlookConditional Formatchange Message Colors

Once done Click OK until all the Dialog boxes closes.

Outlookchange Message Colors

Note each folder in outlook has it own Conditional Format. So applying it on the Inbox will no apply the same in the Folders created below the Inbox.


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