Outlook Email going to Deleted Items with no Rules

When a User comes to me regarding emails disappearing out of their mailbox or when READ the answer is normally the rules setup is moving your Email. But in this case, there was no Rules setup. The user complained the emails would randomly go to the deleted Items. This was not even from the same email Recipient it would be random Recipients.

Ignored Emails

The answer once we figured it out was very simple. When a user receives an email they can set the email to be Ignored. This can be done in a few ways.

  1. On the Home Tab in the Delete Section choose Ignore
  2. Right Click the mail and choose Ignore
  3. Short cut keys: CTRL + DEL

Regardless of which option you choose to Ignore, the same things will happen. Firstly a pop-up stating the mail and all future threads will go to the Deleted Items. The Option to Don’t Show this Message again will also be there, which is most likely been ticked.

Ignore Conversation

The effect then is that only the mail in that thread being responded on will go to Deleted Items. This would then seem Random as other mail threads from the same Recipients still comes through.

The after effect is when the User chooses Dont’s show this message again and then they click CTRL + DEL instead of SHIFT + Del other threads can be Ignored unintentionally.

Unignore threads

To stop this thread from being Ignored, simply go to the Deleted Items, Select the mail and Untick Ignore.

Stop Ignoring Conversation

Similarly, you will get the option Stop Ignoring Conversation and this will move all mails in that mail Thread back to the Inbox.

Remove All Ignore Flags

This does come with a Warning, If a user does not know how many emails they have Ignored it can be removed in Bulk but when doing this it does not move the mail back to the inbox but rather only removes the Flags for all new mails coming through even on Existing mail Threads that was ignored Previously.

In a Run Command, you can use the following flag:

Outlook.exe /CleanConvOnGoingActions
Outlook.exe /CleanConvOnGoingActions


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