MS Word Essentials

For Beginners

Creating and Managing a Document

Creating a Document

Navigating a Document

Formatting a Document

Customizing Options and Views

  • Change Document View
  • Zoom
  • Add a Tool to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Split View Window
  • Add Document Properties
  • Show or Hide Formatting Symbols

Printing and Saving Documents

  • Print
  • Save in another File Format
  • Inspect a Document for hidden properties and Personal Information
  • Inspect a Document for accessibility issues
  • Inspect a Document for Compatibility Issues

Inserting and Selecting Text and Paragraphs

  • Select Text with the mouse or keyboard
  • Insert Special Characters

Editing Text

  • Cut and Paste the Text
  • Copy and paste using Shortcuts
  • Change Text Automatically using autocorrect
  • Replace Text

Formatting Text

  • Apply font face and size
  • Use the Font context List
  • Use the Format, Painter
  • Highlight Text

Formatting Paragraphs

  • Change Line Spacing
  • Change Paragraph Spacing
  • Use Indents and Tabs
  • Clear Formatting

Using Styles and WordArt

  • Apply Build-in Styles
  • Change Text and WordArt

Breaking up Text

  • Insert a Page Break
  • Insert a Section Break
  • Change Page Setup Options for a Section
  • Create Multiple Column Layout
  • Insert a Column Break

Using Bullet Lists

  • Create a Bullet List
  • Define a Custom Bullet Character

Using Numbered List

  • Create a Numbered List
  • Control Listing Numbering
  • Change List Levels
  • Define a Custom Number Format

Create a Table

  • Insert a Table
  • Convert Text to Table
  • Convert Table to Text
  • Apply Table Styles

Modify a Table style

  • Resize a Table
  • Resize a Table’s Rows and Columns
  • Repeat Row Headers
  • Sort Table Data
  • Merge Cells
  • Split Cells
  • Split a Table
  • Set Cell Margins and Spacing

Insert Graphic Elements

  • Insert Shapes
  • Insert Pictures
  • Insert a Full-Size Screenshot
  • Insert a Screen Clipping
  • Insert a Text Box

Formatting Graphic Elements

  • Select a Graphical Element
  • Format a Shape
  • Set the Text Wrapping
  • Set Positioning
  • Add Alternative Text

Enhancing Pictures

  • Apply a Picture Style
  • Apply Picture Effects
  • Apply Artistic Effects
  • Remove the background from a Picture

Using SmartArt

  • Insert SmartArt
  • Add Text to SmartArt
  • Customize SmartArt
  • Add Shape to SmartArt

Create Bookmarks and Links

  • Inset a Bookmark
  • Insert a Hyperlink

Creating Common Front Matter

  • Insert a Standard Table of Contents
  • Update a Table of Contents
  • Insert a Cover Page

Using Captions, Footnotes, and Endnotes

  • Add a Figure or Table Caption
  • Modify Caption Properties
  • Add a FootnoteAdd an Endnote
  • Modify Footnote and Endnote Properties

Creating and Managing Reference Markers

  • Create Bibliography Citation Sources
  • Modify Bibliography Citation Sources
  • Inset Citations for Bibliographies