DNS Benchmark, What do you mean Benchmark?

(Last Updated On: 2018-10-02)

DNS Benchmark… What you can benchmark a Name resolution?

Flukester’s I came across this Cool Tool which actually test the Time to resolve an URL.
For the people that has no clue what a DNS is the guys from DNSimple created a great comic that explains what DNS is and how it works.
Click Here to read the Comic.

The Benchmark

The benchmark utility can be found on Here.
This actually tests your current DNS Server you are using compared to well know other server.
Which provides you a list of the fastest resolving server and most reliable server.

So speed is not Everything, your kidding right!!! Fine, now you have an idea of which service will give you the best result at the same time as speed.

Some Screen Grabs

What you can see there is a very big difference in the time it takes on some of the servers to resolve.
The conclusions tab give a good description of what is good on your settings and what you can approve.

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