Install DNS on Windows Server

DNS is short for Domain Name System. When PC communicates to one another they use a numeric value. This value is not something we as humans can remember, rather we remember FlukesPC. What the DNS does it creates a database of Device\Service name to IP address and Vica Versa where Required.

To start configuration on DNS we first need the services installed. Below is a step by step on how to Install on Server 2019.

Add Roles and Features

On the Server Manager click manager then Add Roles and Features

Add Roles and Features

Click next on the first two screens until you come to the Select Destination server. If you have multiple servers choose the one you want to install on.

Select Destination Server

On the Add Roles and Feature Wizard screen choose DNS. A Popup will display advising the Features that will need to be installed with the Role. Click Add Feature and Next.

Include Management Tools (If Applicable)

No Additional option needs to be selected on the Feature screen. Note if you get and error while installing this is most likely that you have not assigned a Static IP address. To Resolve the issue simply add the required IP details to the necessary Network Card.

Click next until you get to the Confirm Installation Selection. Make sure that the required roles show ready for installation and click Install. DNS normally does not require a server reboot.

DNS Installation

Once done you can start configuring DNS. If the DNS is part of the Active Directory or DHCP installation the chance is good there is already a Primary Zone Setup. If not we will set up a zone in the Next Post.


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