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Facebook is a Social Media Application that allows people, who sign-up for free profiles, to connect with friends and work colleagues. With this it also connects to people they don’t know. It allows people to share pictures, music, videos, and articles, as well as their own thoughts and opinions with however many people they like.

The problem with this can make you a target for people that want your information. Either to use against you or to sell to people that can use it.

For this reason, you need to make it difficult for them to get a hold of your information. Not just Facebook but every Social media account. Below is step by step what you can do to start protecting yourself on Facebook.

Settings & Privacy

Facebook has recently changed its interface for this purpose the below is done on the new Layout. In the Right-hand corner click the Down Arrow and choose Settings & Privacy

Choose Settings in the next Section

On the Left Click on Security and Login.

On the Right hand of the screen, you will be presented with various options to take to secure your account.

Where you’re logged in

Knowing which devices have access to your account is very important. A compromised device is probably the easiest way of getting into your account. Using an office Workstation to check your updates? Upgraded your phone recently or two years ago?

Here you can now see what is active as well as kill any devices that no longer require access. Simply click the three dots next to any device and click Log Out? If you click Not You? It will show you some of the stuff done recently from the device and give you the option to secure your account.


Two options available here. Firstly, Change Password exactly what it says you can change your password quickly.

The Second Save your Login Information this allows you to control the device you are currently Using. Similar to the above setting you can also remove Saved Logins but it does not tell you from where it logging in only the Date and Time

Two-Factor Authentication

This puts an extra step when signing into your account, instead of only using your password, it sends you a verification code to a trusted device. When you enter this code it allows you in if not even with your password it won’t allow you in.

Choose Use two-factor authentication

You will be prompted to confirm you password.

There are two ways of setting up the first is by receiving a Text Message (SMS) the second is an Authentication App.

Text Message (SMS)

Choose Text Message (SMS) enter the phone number you which you will receive the Verification Code on and Continue

You will receive a Code to enter

Once done you will get a message confirming it was successful. You can choose to turn on Notifications.

Authentication App

If you have an Authentication App on your phone you can choose to use this instead. It generates a new verification code every 30 Seconds to use when logging into Facebook. When you choose this you will get a QR code to scan or to enter a code into the App. Once done the App should verify by saying Secret Saved.

Once done you should be able to use any one of the two ways for additional Security when logging into Facebook.

Setting up Extra Security

The last option you will find here is Notifications. Getting notification will tell you every time something happens on your account. This can also get very overwhelming with the number of notifications you can get.

Make sure you know what you want Notification on and where you want to receive it.

Privacy Settings

On the Left hand, screen choose Privacy. Here you can choose, Who can see your future posts? and Limit your Past Posts so that they are not Public any More.

Lastly how people can find you? What means they can use to contact you? Depending on if you want to be a Public Figure or keep your private life between Friends you can set your settings accordingly.


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